…But there is STUFF to DO!

This right here? Not true.

There is plenty to do. There’s cleaning the treehouse. There’s feeding the camels. There’s studying for the bar exam.
There are also some fun things going on at the library if you have any time.
Bullet Journaling 101 (Ongoing, but register now to get a kit containing a dot journal, two calligraphy pens, and six brush tip markers)
Also known as a BuJo, the bullet journal is a powerfully personal way to plan, organize, and reflect upon your life. According to its original designer, the bullet journal is “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.” Get your life (and your head, and your heart) together in this four-part seminar led by recent high school grad and overall superstar Tatum Galuski. Videos are here:
  1. Bullet Journaling #1: Intro to BuJo, https://youtu.be/ix5lhNOeVcI
  2. Bullet Journaling #2: Monthly Covers, https://youtu.be/K7SofcBJbjU
  3. Bullet Journaling #3: Calendars, https://youtu.be/0CYjqcofWiM
  4. Bullet Journaling #4: Lots of Other Stuff, https://youtu.be/Sx835P97F_8

First 6 people to register will receive a BuJo kit complete with a dot journal and some sweet calligraphy pens! To claim your early bird prize, email mblack@manchesterpl.org.

Writing Club with Oli starts December 4!
“I would tend bar, load trucks, chauffeur – do whatever it took. But from the moment I took my first writing workshop, I was a writer.” –Dennis Lehane
Let the talented and friendly high school senior, Oli Turner, guide and inspire your inner storyteller in a once-a-month writing workshop. First Fridays of every month (via Zoom until further notice) starting December 4. To register, email Maile at mblack@manchesterpl.org

Mug Meals – November 5 and 12, December 3 and 17 (only two left!)
You like mac & cheeese? Chocolate chip cookies? Gooey lava cake? Then join Julie Manning in November and December to learn how to pull these feasts together quickly and–get this–in a mug! Perfect for lunch, dinner, midnight snacks, mug meals are super easy and totally satisfying. Learn 1-2 recipes per week for four weeks. You just need a mug! To register and to get the ingredients list, email Maile at mblack@manchesterpl.org.
Book Clubs
Read really good books and talk about them with friends. Eat pizza. Check website for details. To register, email Maile at mblack@manchesterpl.org.