Are you WHINING?

Are you bummed because there’s NOTHING TO DO this summer? Don’t be!

Excellent Thing #1: Read on the beach! And if you dare, take the “Teen Summer Reading Challenge.” It’s not just about keeping track of the books you read (though that is very awesome too)!

Excellent Thing #2: Join the “Be the Change” Book Club (see “Interesting Stuff to Do”) and read really good books on the back porch.

Excellent Thing #3: Look up some books on your summer reading list from school (MERMS or MERHS Summer Reading 2020) and read them on the beach or on the back porch or on your bed.

Excellent Thing #4: Write a book review and submit it in the “Teen Summer Reading Challenge” to win incredible badges!

Excellent Thing #5: Check out theĀ “Teen Summer Reading Challenge” Activity Badges (sleep outside! cook something amazing! write a poem that doesn’t rhyme!) to earn even more incredible badges!

See?! So many excellent things to do this summer! Have a blast!