ATTENTION: Saturday June 10 Friends Book Donation Drop Off at Manchester Middle-High School Parking Lot; 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Chess Club

Come out and “rook” the house (sorry, chess humor) with club organizers Marcel and Milla and their energetic middle school group of aspiring grandmasters! Registration required as space is limited. This program is for kids age 9-11. Registering for one week will sign you up for all the weeks in the series.

Dungeons and Dragons

Every other Tuesday 3:30 – 5 in the Teen Loft.
Contact to register.

Join TAB – The Teen Advisory Board

Teen Writers Workshop

Writers gotta write. If you’re interested in joining a crew of literates who enjoy a good guffaw along with their riotous writing prompts, sign up for this one. Led by a brilliant local teen, this group goes from raucous to real in under 60 seconds. Come along for the ride. Register here.