The Manchester-by-the-Sea Public Library is happy to provide this comprehensive digital archive from the publishers of The Manchester Cricket. The digitization was funded by an equal collaboration between the Friends of the Manchester Public Library and The Manchester Cricket. Currently, the digitization covers the issues from 1888 to 2009. Current, physical copies of the Manchester Cricket are available at the Manchester Library.

Run entirely by volunteers, the Friends is an active non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Library’s collections and programs through membership, memorial gifts and book sales. Since its formation in 1960, the Friends have contributed furnishings and equipment, museum memberships, and many other services and resources.

The Manchester Cricket is an independent, family-owned weekly newspaper that has served the communities of Manchester and Essex since 1888.  This content was created over 132 years of hard work and focus.  Enjoy it.  And if you use anything from here, we ask that you please use proper source citation – The Manchester Cricket, with the proper year/date.  We thank you in advance.