Books and Resources for Kids and Families

Children’s books can be a mirror to a child’s own world and also a window that gives a unique opportunity to learn about someone else’s life that is different from their own.  While both are important, windows help promote a more diverse, inclusive and accurate view of the world.  The following lists, while no means exhaustive, are filled with some of my favorites. 

Picture and Board Books to Share

Historical Fiction: Picture and Chapter Books

Readers, Chapters and Graphic Novels

Biography and Non-Fiction


Watch and Listen Together

Sesame Street Town HallCNN partnered with “Sesame Street” for Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism, a town hall for kids and families. Daniel TigerIn this set of resources, PBS uses videos from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to focus on how you can help children value and appreciate ways in which we are alike and ways in which we are different. Kids, caregivers, teachers, and students can watch together and participate in the shared activities.

For Parents and Caregivers

Embrace Race is a valuable resource to help us work towards anti-racism in ourselves and our families.  Beyond addressing issues of race and racism, their children’s reading lists and resources focus on taking action.They highlight resistance, resilience and activism and seek to empower youth to participate in the ongoing movement for racial justice.

The Conscious Kid is an education, research and policy organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth. They partner with organizations, children’s museums, schools, and families across the country to promote access to children’s books centering underrepresented and oppressed groups.

Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture offers resources for educators, caregivers, and others in the community committed to equity. “Talking about race, although hard, is necessary. We are here to provide tools and guidance to empower your journey and inspire conversation.”