Ric Rogers
Title: Chair   2018-2021

[vacant] *
Title: Treasurer   2020-2023

Dorothy Sieradzki
Title: Secretary    2019-2022

* The Library Board of Trustees is currently searching for a volunteer to serve as a Trustee on the Library’s Board. Due to the mid-term departure of a current member, the Library Board of Trustees now has an opening for a town resident to serve as a Trustee on an interim basis until the next town election in the spring of 2021.

All Trustees are Manchester residents concerned with the well-being of the Library and its role in providing a high quality Library for the Town of Manchester–by-the-Sea. A letter indicating interest should include personal and business information about the candidate and their relevant experience and qualifications for the position. The mission of the Trustees is to generally oversee the management of the library, including the selection of the Library Director, the approval of the budget, and the establishment of general policies. The Board meets monthly except during August. The Library Board of Trustees consists of three members, all of whom are elected for three years on a staggered basis during elected terms.

If interested, please contact Sara Collins, Library Director, for more information. The library would like to have interested parties for consideration by October 26, 2020 for Trustees and Board of Selectman to review in November.

Tim Browne, 1952-2016
Esteemed Trustee of the Library

Thank you for the years of dedication; for sharing your passion for learning and libraries; and for always keeping it lively!