The Loneliest Loft in the World

Remember when the Teen Loft looked like this?

Cheerful. Welcoming. Glowing with the energy of young people who enjoy good books, exciting projects, and each other’s fine company.

That was then.

These days, our loft is lonely. Bereft, even. Eagerly awaiting your return. Just look at the poor thing.

But don’t despair!
Spring is here! And the Young Adult Library is waking up as if from a prolonged hibernation. There is much to do!

First of All, the Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board gets to plan all kinds of programs of special interest to local teens. Past programs included summer job fairs, bicycling, cooking, a graphic novelist, arts & crafts. TAB this year will be meeting (via Zoom at first) on the third Wednesday of every month starting October 21. Earn Community Service hours while eating pizza (If you have it. At your house.) and organizing FUN times for your friends and neighbors!

Open to all teens, grades 9-12. Members will recommend books, DVDs, music, and programs, for the Library. For information contact Maile Black, Young Adult Librarian, at Watch the events calendar for meetings.

Second of all, a range of programming

Writing Club with Oli, Bullet Journaling, Book Clubs, First Chapter Fridays–there’s stuff going on this winter. See “…See the “Stuff To DO!” section for more info. And if you have any great ideas, be in touch!

Bullet Journals might just save your life!

Third of all, keep your fine chins up.

This won’t last forever. In the meantime, embrace the cold, take yourself out to make snow angels and snowcones, do what you need to do, make time for joy, and stay peaceful. See you soon!