Teen Events

Winterfest 2020!
Coming right up, Wednesday, 12/16 at 6:30. Register today to get a sheaf of cool paper for cutting/folding/snowflaking! Email mblack@manchesterpl.org.
Writing Club with Oli
“I would tend bar, load trucks, chauffeur – do whatever it took. But from the moment I took my first writing workshop, I was a writer.” –Dennis Lehane
Let the talented and friendly high school senior, Oli Turner, guide and inspire your inner storyteller in a once-a-month writing workshop. First Fridays of every month (via Zoom until further notice) except January, when we’ll meet 1/8. To register, email Maile at mblack@manchesterpl.org

Last Mug Meal – December 17!

You like mac & cheeese? Chocolate chip cookies? Gooey lava cake? Then join Julie Manning in November and December to learn how to pull these feasts together quickly and–get this–in a mug! Perfect for lunch, dinner, midnight snacks, mug meals are super easy and totally satisfying. Learn 1-2 recipes per week for four weeks. You just need a mug! To register and to get the ingredients list, email Maile at mblack@manchesterpl.org.
Bullet Journaling 101 (Ongoing, but register now to get a kit containing a dot journal, two calligraphy pens, and six brush tip markers)
Also known as a BuJo, the bullet journal is a powerfully personal way to plan, organize, and reflect upon your life. According to its original designer, the bullet journal is “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.” Get your life (and your head, and your heart) together in this four-part seminar led by recent high school grad and overall superstar Tatum Galuski. Videos are here:
  1. Bullet Journaling #1: Intro to BuJo, https://youtu.be/ix5lhNOeVcI
  2. Bullet Journaling #2: Monthly Covers, https://youtu.be/K7SofcBJbjU
  3. Bullet Journaling #3: Calendars, https://youtu.be/0CYjqcofWiM
  4. Bullet Journaling #4: Lots of Other Stuff, https://youtu.be/Sx835P97F_8

Register to receive a BuJo kit complete with a dot journal and some sweet calligraphy pens! Only 2 left! To claim your early bird prize, email mblack@manchesterpl.org.


Book Clubs

Read really good books and talk about them with friends. Eat pizza. Check website for details. To register, email Maile at mblack@manchesterpl.org.