Are you interested in having a better relationship with your furry friend in your life? Come by the Library on Saturday, March 18th at 1 PM for a seminar on the principles of how dogs learn so you can know the best ways to teach them using a completely humane training approach.

Alana Stevenson is a professional Animal Behavior Specialist and Dog Trainer. She is certified in Low Stress Handling for dogs and she is the author of two books on humane and positive dog training and behavior modification: The Right Way the First Time: Teaching Your Dog Kindly & Humanely and Training Your Dog the Humane Way: Simple Teaching Tips for Resolving Problem Behaviors and Raising a Happy Dog.

She will cover a variety of topics such as the importance of timing in training, principles of association and context learning, and how your body language, eye-contact, and touch can directly influence a dog’s behavior. You will learn how to read dog body language so you can have a better relationship with your dog and interpret dog to dog interactions correctly.