Library Ebooks for your EReaders

(should work on most ebook readers, the original Kindle is the exception)
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EZ 1-2-3 for the best Freading eBook Service Experience

  • 1

    Make sure you have an account with Adobe Digital Editions (a software that both reads and stores your ebooks-sort of like Itunes does with music).

    1. Sign up at via the install icon.
    2. Computer users & eRreader users: launch application before downloading eBooks
  • 2

    Computer & eReader users “open” rather than “save” the file when downloading eBooks

    1. Opening will automatically save ebook in your Adobe library.
    2. To transfer the file, plug in your eReader. The eReader will show up in your Adobe software, then you drag the downloaded eBook onto the name of the eReader.
  • 3

    Apple App users will use your device’s Safari browser to download the eBook into the app, rather than from within the app. Android App users can download from with the app

    1. App available in the App Store/Market or your library’s Freading site
    2. You will be prompted for your established Adobe Credentials from #1 above.

Commonly available compatible devices:

While not a complete list, here are some of the most popular devices that work with the service:

  1. For direct downloading off the site you can use a PC or Mac.  With our app, you can use the iPhone or iPad.  With our app, you can use most Android tablets and phones.  Tablets we have tested include Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and Xoom.
  2. For transfer of an eBook via a computer and Adobe Digital Editions, you can use the Nook devices, the Sony reader and the Kobo reader.  We suspect there are more compatible ereaders.
  3. Freading eBooks are available via the Kindle Fire by a special procedure, but not other Kindles.
  4. At the moment, Freading eBooks are only viewable on Nook tablets via transfer.