We couldn’t do it without You! Thank You!

The Manchester Public Library salutes our dedicated volunteers and volunteens who help the Library in many ways.  Some come weekly; some seasonally; and some help out annually on special projects. From shelving books to reframing art work, the many hours our volunteers generously give support the library and their efforts contribute to make the Manchester Public Library a success.

The Library could not offer the many services and programs we have throughout the year without the help of many hands. When you meet a library volunteer or volunteen, say a big “thank you” for making the Library a vital part of the community. We could not do it without them.

The Library is always looking for volunteers. If you have a few hours a week or a month and would like to be part of a community group, contact the Library Director, 978-526-2011 or Head of Adult Services, at 978-526-2017. Teens can call the Head of Youth Services, 978-526-2016.

The Library thanks the following volunteers and volunteens for their generosity!

Leslie Beatty Melena Gandolfi Sally Padden
Paul Bethage Doug Hotchkiss Jane Pearson
Anne Coccoluto Suzanne Lazar Johanna Rinkle
Caleigh Cunningham Starr Lloyd Isabella Schmidt
Sally Curry Jacqueline Mooney Elinor Shankman
Linda Dodge Judith Oski Dot Sieradzki
Margaret Flatley


Mary Annabel Chrzanonski Josh Cohen Abby Conway
Aidan Cunningham Connor Cummingham Faye Dingle
Grace Gustafson Charlotte Lawrence Tucker Lawrence
Parker Leavitt Thomas McGahan Will McGahan
Zubin Pathria Ella Warnock