Home Design Road Show

Thursday, October 18th at 6:30PM to 8PM at the Manchester Community Center

Have a room in your home that you have been eager to redesign? Then bring your design challenge to the Home Design Road Show panelists. Hosted by the Manchester-by-the-Sea Public library, be sure to stop by the Manchester Community Center between 6:30pm and 8:00pm on Thursday, October 18th. These North Shore designers will share their expertise and their excitement about home design projects with you. Just bring photos of a single project, such as a room, an exterior facade or an outdoor area, that you would like to redesign. The panelists will strategize with you about various topics on color, design, space, interiors, exteriors, gardens and more. Come away with great new ideas on how to update your home with simple solutions!

The design panel includes Heather Deschenes, Architect; Sara Castle del Rio, Architect; Kim Jermain, Architectural Color Designer; Robin Willcox, Architectural Designer; Tiffany LeBlanc, Interior Designer, Martha Merrill, Interior Designer; Bo Perkins, Interior Designer; Lynda Mathey, Custom Soft Furnishings; Laura S. Rutledge, Landscape Architect; Peggy Calkins, Landscape Designer, Susie Talbot, Landscape Designer; Sara Frye, “Handy Woman” and LEED AP, Sustainability Coordinator; Katharine Pickering, Real Estate Professional.