Congratulations! Summer reading Topsfield Fair tickets are now available to be picked up for your child.

To get the tickets, come to the Manchester-by-the-Sea Public Library and speak to a librarian. They will check you off on the list of young winners and give you the Topsfield tickets envelope!

For the prizes, Ages 8 and older include an entrance ticket that they need it to get in, 7 and younger don’t need that, so they don’t have one in their envelope.  Both groups get the rides and lunch ticket!

 How do you know if your child is eligible for Topsfield Fair Tickets?

1. Your child signed up in the Summer Reading Log in the Children’s Room to participate in the program.

2. You checked off (by Wednesday, August 7th) in your child’s column in the log that they had read 600 minutes (10 hours).

If you are still unsure, please contact Miss Sara with any questions.