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Manchester Public Library Introduces a new service to download eBooks on your EReaders.  Most devices are compatible (except for oldest edition of Kindle). Using your Manchester Library Card number and PIN, you can log onto the site and borrow books for a 2 week period and renew for 2 weeks.

Freading uses a token system to manage borrowing.  Tokens are a virtual currency that you use to exchange for downloads.   Your library gives you a weekly allotment of 5 tokens which appears in the upper right hand corner of the home page after you login.  When you choose a book, the amount of tokens labeled on the book is deducted from your account.

There are three different token costs of a book, downloads cost 4, 2 or 1 token depending on the value assigned by the publisher.  In most cases newly published books are 4 tokens, then after a time period they drop to 2, and then after another time period they drop to 1.  So in general, the token value is based on how new a book is.  In some cases though, a publisher may have chosen a different criteria such as popularity.

Unused tokens roll over each week for a four week period, a week being defined as a Monday to Sunday period of seven days, beginning at 12:01AM Monday, New York time, and going to midnight on Sunday.  At the end of the fourth week from the time you first logged in, unused tokens are cleaned out of your account, except for your original weekly allotment.  The rolling over process then starts all over again, as a new four week cycle has begun.