Boy Scout Troop 3, led by Eagle Scout Connor Howlett, transformed the Children’s Room over the weekend. As part of his Eagle Scout project, Connor planned and executed the final phase of the Children’s Room space reconfiguration. Begun last summer with the move of the Reference collection into the stacks, the Children’s non-fiction collection moved into the Reference Room. The final phase involved moving thousands of books and removing the old metal shelves in the middle of the room. The goal was to make more space for crowded story times and other children’s activities. Connor planned the steps necessary for a smooth transition. The physical work was accomplished with Connor’s crew, Alex Taliaferro, Erik Arntsen, Chris Dumont, Corey Barstis, Will Burgess, Piper Browne, Kevin Cellucci, Colin Babikan, Mike Chlumecky, Josh Christopher, and Kyle Marsh. Together these young people donated 100 hours Saturday night and all day Sunday. It was a huge accomplishment and the Library Trustees are extremely grateful to have this community service project benefit the Library. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Howlett for supplying snacks, ideas, and windex.