We couldn’t do it without You! Thank You!

The Manchester Public Library salutes our dedicated volunteers who help the Library in many ways.  Some come weekly; some seasonally; and some help out annually on special projects. From shelving books to reframing art work, the many hours our volunteers generously give support the library and their efforts contribute to make the Manchester Public Library a success.

The Library could not offer the many services and programs we have throughout the year without the help of many hands. Many volunteers contributed over 1300 hours in 2014. When you meet a library volunteer, say a big “thank you” for making the Library a vital part of the community. We could not do it without them.

The Library is always looking for volunteers. If you have a few hours a week or a month and would like to be part of a community group, contact Sara Collins, Library Director or Rachael Theriault, Head of Adult Services, at 978-526-7711.

The Library thanks the following volunteers who gave more than 20 hours in 2014.

Sharon Beck Jim Gagne Johanna Rinkle
Molly Carlson M’Lena Gandolfi Peter Ruggles
Anne Coccoluto Susan Hudson Pam Scarafoni
Caleigh Cunningham Carolyn Kelly Alisa Steinert
Michael Conlon Anne Kiely Barbara Watson
Sally Curry Debbie Ledbetter Florence Williams
Charlotte Dibiasio Starr Lloyd Joan Wogan
Derek DiVirgillio Josephine McCullough Ben Wolfseiffer
MG Foster Sonia Nichols